Be My Guest

So, the festive season is on the horizon, and the gang go family and well-wishers are soon to descend on your door. Perhaps you’re excited at the prospect of welcoming the family in, or maybe your home isn’t quite ready to feed and house the festive five thousand? Here are our top tips for getting your home looking fabulous, with minimum upheaval.


The kitchen is surely the heart of the homebut if yours is looking tired , there is still just enough time to get it updated before the festive season arrives – door or worktops transformation companies can work wonders in an afternoon. Many of us have a table that accommodates our family, but not the extended group, but a big eating space  with everyone gathered round is what Christmas day is all about. You might like a new table,  in which case look for one with leaves – it is an adaptable option that suits your needs, year-round, and doesn’t take up unnecessary space. Alternatively, go a little boho’ and use trestle tables covered in tablecloths!


Many of us are guilty of letting the guest room become the storage/junk/play room, so when it comes to prepping for guests it can be a nightmare. The first step is to clear the I junk out and be really ruthless – if you havent noticed an item‘s absence in the last year, chances are, you don t need it, so recycle it!

Next clean the room thoroughly and consider dry cleaning the curtains to take away any residual staleness. Once the room is clean you can assess the decoration you may want to have it redecorated. Small touches like new bedding, bedside table and pendant lights, rugs and other soft furnishings can make a huge difference.

A great way to test the space is to spend a night in there – you might find that you need a more padded mattress protector, or that blackout curtains should be ordered. Then make changes accordingly.


Very few of us have the time to give our homes the deep clean we would like pre Christmas, but getting a cleaner in before guests come can be a fantastic way to get that house-proud feeling in an instant – it also allows you the time to turn your attention to other things.

If you are cooking the Christmas feast consider getting your oven professionally cleaned too – it really ups its efficiency and stops excessive smoke developing (it’s also a really messy job and better left to the professionals!).

A few quick and easy updates:

A WARM WELCOME: Make sure your front door sends out an inviting message. Really assess the space – it might be in need of a repaint or even replacing , but it is vital for that ‘curb-appeal’. Finish it off with a lovely wreath and some twinkling solar power lights.

A COMFY SPACE: Think about the guest room in terms of what you would need – clear some hanging space in a wardrobe and consider investing in a suitcase stand to help guests stay organised. Have extra pillows and blankets easily accessible as well as guest towels – think boutique hotel room!

TEST THE MATTRESS: If your ‘guest room’ is a blow-up mattress in the living room, see that it‘s in good condition. Also make provisions so you don’t need the things in that room – it will stop you having to invade

their privacy by trampling through at 7am looking for a hairbrush!

Just a few changes can make all the difference!