Brickosaurs at Marwell Zoo

This summer, Marwell Zoo play host to a fantastic exhibition of Lego Dinosaurs, known as the Brickosaurs!

The incredible Brickosaurs will be on display at the Zoo from 5th April until 1st September 2019.


A visit to Marwell Zoo is fantastic without taking the Brickosaurs into account. With over 140 species of animals housed within the 140 acres, it is a wonderful zoo to visit. The animals can be found in large spaces, giving them the space and surroundings they need, but also give visitors the chance to see them up close (my children were totally captivated by the two northern Cheetah brothers, found up the Savannah Tracks!)

However, the interactive Brickosaurs made an already exciting day out extra special! As you step into the park, you come face to face with the first Brickosaur creation – a crate with a scary looking lego claw trying to emerge and an eye peering back at you. This is accompanied by loud dinosaur sounds (if you have younger children or children who are sensitive to loud noises, take a slightly wider berth!)

As you make your way through the park, you can tick off the Brickosaurs as you go. Each Brickosaur is accompanied by a little sign detailing how long it took to make, how much it weighs and how many bricks were used, as well as some fun facts! To help you track down all the Brickosaurs there is a free trail map, or guests can download the Marwell Zoo App. The App is also a fantastic tool for visiting the zoo, as it is packed with facts about the animals there, challenges for whilst you are there, details of upcoming events and much more! It is definitely worth downloading.

The Brickosaurs are laid out carefully throughout the zoo, so you are never too far away from the next one! Be sure to stop off at Base Camp – here you will find a huge pit of Lego (and a Duplo one for smaller children) to climb in and get building.

Entry to the amazing Brickosaurs is included in the price of a visit to Marwell Zoo. Click here to buy in advance and avoid the queues.

Just 8 miles from Winchester and on the fringe of the South Downs National Park, Marwell Zoo is easy to get to from all directions. In fact, if you travel by bus, you will receive 10% discount on park entry when you show your ticket. Please click here for information on how to get to the park.