Fire Up the BBQ!

National BBQ Week 2018

Now in it’s 22nd year, National BBQ Week returns from 28th May – 3rd June 2018, and will, once again, be encouraging people in their homes, restaurants and pubs to fire up the grill and get cooking! This year the first day falls on Bank Holiday Monday, so what better excuse is there than to kick back and relax with some tasty food grilled to perfection!

BBQ WeekThe word barbecue is thought to have been derived from the Spanish word ‘barbacoa’ (translated as a framework of sticks set upon posts) and originated when the Spanish landed in the Americas in 1492 and saw the Tainos slow-cooking meat over sticks constructed in a frame – the result – tender, tasty meat with a delicious smoky flavour. Unlike some traditional cooking methods, the trusty BBQ doesn’t require expensive cuts of meat, as the cooking process tenderises any cut, so it became a go-to way of cooking for many. As time has gone on, the BBQ has become a wonderful way to get outside with nature and cook feasts with friends, family and even local communities.

Image courtesy of Waitrose

The actual BBQ itself doesn’t need to be expensive. You can pick a disposable one up for under £5 at your local supermarket. If you want one for more regular use, you can usually pick up a decent charcoal BBQ one for around £20. The range, however, doesn’t stop there! These days you can get traditional charcoal ones, gas ones, masonry ones and even electric ones; from your no frills simple ones to ones with temperature controls and even tuck-away warming racks. Head to the B & Q Website to see their range. If you are looking for something a little different, we found a lovely one in the shape of a cow! Click here for more information.


The word BBQ conjures up images of afternoons and evenings spent outside with family and friends with a feast fit for a King! As well as the meat, the sides that come out are also divine! The beauty of the good old BBQ is that you can cater for pretty much everyone! From vegetarians, to those on a gluten free diet, even those on a popular carb-free diet, the BBQ doesn’t really have any boundaries. Head to our recipes pages for some great BBQ ideas. Even better is the fact that there is often far less washing up to do!

Although traditionally pork was cooked on the BBQ, nowadays you will find that your local butcher can supply pretty much any meat that takes your fancy. Some even do special BBQ packs, where your meat is prepped and ready to go. Just light up your BBQ, pop on the meat and enjoy the outdoors whilst you wait for it to be cooked to perfection.