Future Kitchens

Technology has already infiltrated many aspects of our lives, so it was only a matter of time before that same technology was applied to the hub of the home, the kitchen…

As I write, in studios across the world, technology giants and designers are joining forces to transform the way we use this fundamental space. Technology will be integrated throughout the kitchen, enabling a smoother, and quicker, workflow; fantastic for us who feel time challenged.

If you can, imagine items like smart counter tops. These are likely to be an island in the middle of your kitchen, which is not only a place to sit down and eat, but also an induction hob which can even find you a recipe and help control temperatures whilst you cook it.

IKEA have recently unveiled their proposed kitchen for 2025 complete with an in-kitchen composting system whereby left over food waste is transformed into waterless waste, with the water waste being extracted for watering indoor plants. They also have visions of a camera and projector above a table that works as an interactive control centre which identifies food you place on the table and suggests dishes to use and even finds the recipes! No more standing by the fridge hoping for inspiration after a long day at work then!

These models have sustainability and innovation at their heart, and as time goes on, we can’t wait to see how these ideas develop! Whilst not all of this is available yet, here are a few ways you can bring your kitchen into the 21st century…

TeFal Cook4Me

Need some inspiration in the kitchen department? Find yourself cooking the same recipes daily because they’re ‘easy and quick?’ The Tefal Cook4Me needs to rocket up your ‘must-have’ list, with exciting gadget features such as digital controls, app connectivity, 5 cooking settings and hundreds of pre-installed recipes, it’s time for you to get creative and inspired again. This gadget follows on from the original Cook4Me, but now with the app being available, you can add more recipes that are online ready to be sent to the cooker! As well as a modern and upgraded touchscreen feature, you can select what you want to cook quickly as the cooker will talk to you through the process. The connectivity through the app is a faster and smarter way of cooking so if you’re running late home from work you can simply delay the cooking procedure via the app so your meal will be ready for when you return! tefal.co.uk/cook4me

Samsung Smart Fridge

Introducing a new family-friendly gadget from Samsung, featuring ‘cutting-edge cooling technology’, state of the art ergonomic design and sleek and spacious features. This family hub refrigerator is no ordinary fridge; with the pricey label, you can shop for food, organise family schedules, all while listening to your favourite songs and connecting with the whole family. The main element is to help keep your life more connected than ever, all by using the interactive touchscreen and creating family member profiles. With 3 interior cameras that take a photo when you close the door, you can keep track of all your groceries, as well as setting expiration notifications that help you plan ahead. The technology components are endless and would be ideal for busy families and parents who can invest into a more organised lifestyle and want to build the kitchen of their dreams. samsung.com

Miele G 6820 SC Dishwasher

How many times have we all had to re-wash our dishes because our dishwashers couldn’t handle the left over lasagne from the night before? The Miele G 6820 SC Dishwasher has taken over with its high-tech gadget features, performing an innovative basket design for easy loading, internal lighting and Wi-Fi connected controls and notification settings. With its super low energy consumption, it’s outstanding cleaning performance and low water use, a typical wash can only use up to 8 litres of water in total! With a clear and easy to navigate screen display and a simple app to go alongside, the dishwasher will notify you from start to finish, alerting you when the cycle is complete. It’s suitable for anyone who is interested in the low water consumption feature and is eco-friendly, wanting the best performing dishwasher with updated technological elements. miele.co.uk

Smarter iKettle

With the third generation of iKettles now available, you ar e now able to ‘pop the kettle’ on using your phone. Filled with innovative featur es including app customisation and being able to set alarms and prompts, there is more to this kettle than just looking stylish. The well designed features include being able to adjust the water temperature from both the base button on the kettle and your phone. The start-up process is almost instant so you can get one brewing straight away! smarter.am

Zip HydroTap Miniboil Classic Filtration Tap

The concept of being able to access hot water for our hot drinks straight away is something we’re probably not all used to, but with new models such as these you are able to with just a click. Supplied with an external triple action sub-micron filter and access to instant great tasting healthy water, there will be no more waiting around the kettle for the subtle ‘click’. With power-pulse technology such as safety interlocks, and the 0.2 micron filtration for great tasting water, the modern elements bring this brilliant gadget to life. The tap also looks smooth, sleek and modern, giving your kitchen a contemporary look. zipwater.co.uk