Chateau Du Savon

Chateau Du Savon

Chateau Du Savon is a relatively young business, however its owners have been great lovers and users of the French Soap products they sell for over 25 years, having spent much time in France and always bringing back lots of soap to the UK to last until the next trip.

Having recognised the amazing benefits of these products, the owners of Chateau Du Savon wanted to share them with others, and now sell French soap all over the UK.

Chateau Du SavonAs the business has grown, so too has their range products, which are all packaged up and distributed plastic free. Many of their products are at the cutting edge of technology and they aim to bring the very latest products to your door plastic free. From just producing solid French Soaps, they have expanded to offer a range of solid shampoos and conditioners, plastic free bathroom accessories, luxury beauty bars (made from Lait D’Anesse, also known as ‘donkey milk’) and even stain removing bars and solid natural soap for doing the dishes and the laundry. (Sound too good to be true, then click here to read more!)

It is a key principle of the business to not deal in plastic goods, they don’t sell any plastic products and by supporting them you are supporting a business who has strong environmental beliefs.

Their mission is simple – to provide “naked” french soaps and solid shampoos to their customers, providing premium products at competitive prices, delivered in plastic free, biodegradable packaging.

For more information on Chateau Du Savon, including their fantastic product range, please visit their website.



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