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Macks Fitness

Macks Fitness Ltd has been operating in the Winchester area since 2009.

Offering a variety of classes, Personal training sessions and holding many different corporate fitness sessions throughout Hampshire, Macks Fitness is one of the leading fitness providers in the area.

The ethos behind Macks Fitness is to get fit, strong and supple whilst having fun. Andy McNeil, founder of Mack’s Fitness realises that people are more likely to stick to their exercise regime when they are enjoying it,  and strives to ensure that all clients have a good time whilst meeting their fitness goals.  Andy explains “The most important part of exercise to me is to make sure all of my clients are challenged mentally and physically, leaving the session content that they have pushed themselves to the limit.” He is also aware that people need to feel comfortable when they are exercising, and tries to ensure that all of his classes are welcoming and fun.

Mack’s Fitness currently train over 150 people a week, in a range of classes, including personal training, pilates, boxercise and circuit training. There are even special classes geared towards those looking for optimum fitness for skiing holidays. Head to the Instagram account to see some classes in action.

Andy has built up a large client base, and it’s easy to see why. Here is a clients testimonial..

Training with Macks Fitness both from a personal trainer point of view and from a trainer in a class setting has given me a whole new view on exercise. The classes are fun and everything is based on personal ability, there is no sense of if I don’t get this right or do this to the same level as everyone else I’m going to feel stupid, which I can now see is the reason behind so many failed gym memberships and other enrolments in classes.”Helen G

If getting fit, healthy and stronger is on your to do list, or perhaps you are training for a special event, get in touch with Mack’s Fitness today to see how they can help you on your journey.




86 Main Road, Colden Common, Winchester SO21 1TL
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