Modern Scandinavian Christmas Decor from Plywood and Metal at be&liv


Blossom Tealight Holder24k gold £42

be&liv’s contemporary collection includes beautiful Christmas decoration. The reusable advent calendars and Christmas tree decorations are made from Scandinavian plywood. The candle holders and other decorative accessories come in festive metals.

be&liv was established in Helsinki in 2012 with the objective of bringing the poetry back to everyday life with beautifully designed objects. Every detail of each be&liv design is engineered to offer the highest quality in contemporary design and to showcase the true nature of the materials used. The organic signature style is created by using the most precise manufacturing techniques and modern, high quality materials. Stainless steel and sheets of brass are plied, etched, and plated in copper, black, white or 24k gold to create objects of contemporary elegance. The end result is a collection of visually unique masterpieces.

Every item from be&liv is beautifully flat-packed, arriving as several parts in order to be environmentally friendly. Flat packages take less room to store and transport, and use less packaging making them a sustainable choice. The items are extremely easy to assemble yourself at home.

Instead of purchasing a new advent calendar for every Christmas season, how about updating to a modern, reusable model, that also functions as a reusable Christmas tree lasting from one holiday season to another? Tree24 combines two Christmas time traditions into one product. It is a contemporary Christmas tree with ornaments – a decorative object, which will look good in your home all year round. But it is also a Christmas countdown calendar.

Tree24 White Plywood Advent Calendar £95

Tree24 is suitable for both modern and traditional home. Its numbered tin ornaments open up and provide a place for sweets or small gifts of your choice. Tree24 comes flat-packed in a functional gift box, which can be used to store the tree for later use. 

All be&liv products are available from their website, and can be shipped to anywhere in the UK.