Top Tasks to Keep Busy in the Garden this Autumn

It may seem like your garden is shutting down for winter, but autumn is one of the busiest seasons for gardeners. As well as tidying away leaves and harvesting crops, autumn is nature’s time for planting something new. Miles Butterworth, Planteria Manager at Notcutts Garden Centre Solihull, shares his seasonal to-do list:

Reap the rewards from your veggie patch

September and October are bumper months for harvesting your delicious home-grown crops. Carrots and potatoes can be dug up, and autumn raspberries and blackberries can be picked. Pumpkins and marrows can also be harvested when they reach a good size.

Autumn is also the time to sow spring lettuce, winter spinach and turnips, and to plant out your onion sets and spring cabbages.

Get busy planting

Autumn is nature’s time for planting! Whilst the temperatures begin to drop, your soil will retain its summer warmth but will have plenty of moisture to encourage new root growth. Your plants will have a better chance of survival if the roots are fully established before the dry summer weather returns, so use the opportunity to replant your garden favourites in new locations, or plant something new to enjoy.

Notcutts’ autumn favourites are Skimmia Rubella and Pyracantha for their glorious red colours and rich foliage. Malus crab apple trees are also great for planting in autumn, as well as miniature Cylamen, Pansies and Violas for adding colour to your beds and borders.

Revive your lawn

Your lawn will need some special attention after a summer of wear and tear. Cut grass with a high mower blade and use a spring rake to remove thatch and moss. Improve aeration and drainage by using a garden fork to make holes across the lawn.

Autumn is ideal for laying turf too, with plenty of time for it to establish before summer.

Leave it tidy

Autumn leaves are great for composting but make sure you rake them away from your lawn to prevent yellowing. Tidy leaves out of your borders and pots too, and tightly cover water features and ponds with netting to stop leaves falling in.

Think ahead to spring

Buy your spring-flowering bulbs early, starting with crocus, daffodils and tulips as they can sell out quickly.

From October, plant your spring bulbs into borders at three times the depth of the bulb to make sure they produce brilliant flowers for years to come. Hardy perennials like Sweet William, Forget Me Nots and Polyanthus can also be planted in autumn, ready for flowering in spring.

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