Trends that never go out of Style

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The fashion trends of the past shape the styles of the home today. There is more to a floral patterned cushion than meets the eye, as this is a style that speaks volumes about the influence that fashion has had on interior design throughout history. What are the other timeless fashion trends that have shaped interior style? The interior experts at Hayneedle have given a list of trends that never go out of style so we can discover more about the relationship between fashion and interior design.

Abstract Prints

An abstract print adds character and flair to any home or outfit. In the 70’s, abstract prints came in the form of psychedelic women’s mini dresses alongside men’s shirts and ties. Nowadays, psychedelic textiles are not just found in clothes- cushion covers, throws, and even wallpaper echoes the abstract vibrancy of 70’s prints.

Advice for customers: Choose cushion covers in bright and bold patterns, the louder the better.

Mid-century patterns

Simple atomic and doodle-like floral patterns in subdued colors became popular in post-WW11 women’s fashion, and can now be seen in the clothes of contemporary designers such as Orla Keiley. Key designers who brought their mid-century textiles to interior design are Lucienne Day, Jacqueline Groag, and Marian Mahler, whose textiles were eventually used for home decorations.

Advice for customers: Apply mid-century wallpaper to only one wall for a subtle yet striking effect.

Leopard Print

Luxurious and sophisticated, leopard print makes a high impact in small amounts. Dolce & Gabbana’s, Alexandra Wang’s, and Nina Ricci’s 2017 spring collections show that leopard print is still a popular trend. Women have been wearing leopard print since the 20’s, when long leopard print coats were seen on fashionable women. In 19th century homes, real animal skins were used as rugs to symbolize wealth amongst the aristocracy. In the 60’s, leopard print became a more common trend in the home creating a bohemian look in interior design.

Advice for customers: Go bold with leopard print canvasses hung on a blank wall, or be subtle with one of our leopard print pillows.

A touch of Orient

Since the days of colonialism the trends of the Far East have influenced Western fashion and design. Chinese and Southeast Asian inspired clothes became popular around 1910, with fashion designer Paul Poiret leading the style. Nowadays, Chinese decorative arts are a popular trend in the home.

Advice for customers: Blue and white plates and vases painted with Chinese illustrations have been popular in homes for centuries, and still look good in modern kitchens.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns were often seen on the clothing of young, free spirits of the 60’s and still have youthful, fun-loving associations. Although geometric-printed fabrics can be traced back to the Aztecs, geometric wallpapers, flooring and wall hangers became a fashionable trend interior design in the 60’s.

Advice for Customers: Hang geometric prints on your wall, or choose a geometric rug to anchor your room. Geometric decorative boxes are another way to bring this look into the home, place on an angular coffee table to accentuate the style.


This retro style began in the 60’s when an obsession with space coincided with the first man on the moon in 1969. Space-age style emerged in fashion in the form of PVC white mini dresses with astronaut inspired accessories, such as boots and goggles. By Andre Courreges. Inspired by these new cosmic outfits, space-age furniture and all-white colour schemes became popular in interior design soon afterward.

Advice for customers: Try decorating a room entirely in white for a timeless space-age style. Go all out with white sofas and white carpets to match crisp white walls.

Polka dots

Classic polka-dot prints were popular in 20’s women’s clothing, and they’ve shown up in fashion over and over again throughout history. Recently polka dots have become a stylish choice for wallpaper and tableware bringing the style of the 20’s A-line dresses into the world of interior design.

Advice for customers: Choose from polka dot wallpaper, a colorful polka dot vase of a chic black and white polka dot bench cushion. There are many ways to incorporate this classic and timeless style into your home.


Southwestern is a unique trend that has been catching the eyes of designers since the days of the Wild West in America. Ralph Lauren was one of the main fashion designers who brought classic cowboy boots and shirts to modern fashion and has since launched Ralph Lauren Home, bringing the classic American style to interior design.

Advice for Customers: Choose rustic woods, distressed metals and natural cottons to add southwestern style to your home. Pale green and yellow colors epitomize this rustic trend and suit natural materials.


Classic and traditional floral prints reminiscent of the countryside are a timeless favorite. This look was championed by women’s fashion designer Laura Ashley whose range of women’s clothing in the 50’s launched an iconic style pioneered by the likes of Audrey Hepburn. Since then, Laura Ashley’s textiles can be found in many homes around the world.

Advice for Customers: Less is more when it comes to floral prints. Floral cushion covers and floral lamps add a touch of flowery beauty without going over the top.


Pastel color schemes are more fashionable than ever, but this distinctly feminine look is not new. Pale pink A-line dresses were hugely popular in the 50’s and these days the pastel shades worn by Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe have made their way into our homes.

Advice for Customers: Wooden chairs in pastel pink, set around a white wooden dining table, add a cute and feminine style to any home.